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Be Brave

Dear Friends, I take the greatest pleasure in introducing our Pironetic Be Brave debut collection and I would like to walk you through some of our most colourful art strokes in designing and creating our first activewear and lifestyle women’s collection. It has been a long road from sketches, colours, fabrics and details to this very moment for our team but now we are really launching something we are extremely proud of. It was like putting a hundred per cent of our hearts and adding a personal touch to get us to a result inspired and designed in the magic and charm of our ancient colourful and romantic town of Plovdiv. What I really love about this first collection is that the Pironetic set of leggings, bras, tops and tee-shirts really takes you beyond the sports and fitness style and is all about your modern wardrobe and active lifestyle, inspiring you and motivating you to feel the joy of sports and action throughout the way. …
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