Our Story

Founded in 2016 in the heart of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Pironetic is a fashion brand for activewear and athleisure lifestyle clothing.

Challenged by the dynamics of our intensive modern society, women are always on the run for finding the perfect balance between family, work, social and business life, striving in the same time to achieve the perfect modern looks.

The Pironetic brand holds the answer with a variety of sports and lifestyle clothing distinguished with a comfortable design and taste for style. The founders behind Pironetic are Bulgaria’s top tennis player Tsvetana Pironkova and Michail Mirchev.

The founders

Tsvetana Pironkova – Brand Creative Director

Tsvetana Pironkova (Tsvety) has been Bugaria’s most successful womens tennis player in the past ten years.In 2010 she became the first ever Bulgarian tennis player to reach the Wimbledon semifinals. 2014 brought Tsvety her first WTA title after defeating a series of world top ten players in Sydney, Australia. Her victory portfolio includes spectacular wins over Ana Ivanovic, Venus Williams, Victoria Azarenka, Elena Dementieva, Nadia Petrova, Li Na, Angelique Kerber, Petra Kvitova and many others.

Tsvetana has been playing tennis ever since she was 4 years old, becoming professional at the age of 14. Ever since she has been travelling and crossing the world several times per year in pursuit of craved victories and achievements on court. It is thanks to professional tennis that she has discovered so many new cultures and places and learnt a lot about herself. With a passionate love both for fashion and arts, Tsvety never misses a chance to visit a new museum, gallery, as well as to discover new fashion and sports brands wherever the world of tennis may bring her.

Tsvety depicts herself and blesses the Pironetic brand with three words – responsible, temperamental and brave.

Michail Mirchev – Brand CEO

While Tsvety backs the creative and emotional side of the Pironetic brand, Michail dedicates his business savvy and entrepreneurial experience combined with a balanced taste for style and perfectionism to the success of the new brand.

Sport marks an indispensable part of Michail’s everyday life. His junior and subsequently men’s talented footbal career was unfortunately set to an end at an early stage due to a bad injury. However, Michail remains forever grateful to professional sports for having taught him the lessons of hard work, discipline and consistency that have since paired with his attitude to every aspect of everyday life.

Michail’s three presentation keywords stand for kindness, sense and ambition, proudly embedded in the new Pironetic brand. He is always to be seen on field well-equipped with all three of them into a remarkable personal style marking his signature in the new brand.

Movement and style – a perfect combination

Tsvety came up with the idea of having her own perosonal clothing brand way back in the beginning of her tennis career. Wimbledon’s white, elegant outfits, the colourful fashion dresses designed for each season and styled for comfort and perfection are just a small part of the things that inspired her imagination.

“Sports outfits are more than just pieces of comfortable clothes to be used for workouts to me. When choosing my new outfits, I really enjoy it and look into every detail. Selecting the right design, colour, fabrics and even slogan printed on the t-shirt, mean a lot for getting the right mood and even motivation for practice and play”, shares Tsvety.

For Michail the perfect match in an outfit is a must. “I find myself quite pedantic when it comes to style-matching. When I was in professional football, I always had my outfits ironed to perfection and styled in colour to match the shoes. I wouldn’t let anyone touch my football bag and had everything carefully folded and prepared to the smallest detail. Getting the right style with care was a kind of ritual to me before the games and it helped get in the right mood and concentration. Nowadays, I am still very dedicated to detail, not only when it comes to vision.”

Their shared love for sports and creativity brought spontaneously the new initiative to start their own sports and lifestyle clothing brand – Pironetic.

The Pironetic brand is marked by the talent of its creators in putting a dedication to each detail so that when worn the clothes allow for each individual to feel the comfort of expressing their own style in a confident and happy way. A proof of style that embeds the values that the brand brings and that best describe its mission and authors behind it: ambitious, brave, responsible.

Pironetic means…

Choosing the right name for the brand was not an easy task. They spent some time checking different options to find the authentic and right sound of their new brand, that would best communicate the concept behind it. Tsvety came up with all the derivatives of her melodic name that friends and family had used during the years – Pironche, Pirondelli, Pironissimo (like bravissimo), Pironeta. Thinking of that she also remembered that she has always been told that when on court, she really stands out with her physical endurance and athletic qualities. Adding in her elegant sports style attitude, Tsvetana marked four words in a row:

Pironkova+energetic+athletic+aesthetic. With one prefix and a common suffix the new brand was born – Pironetic!

To Michail the choice of a brand name was more than logical – “She is an excellent tennis player, a sports person, a young role model to many with her natural and relaxed style”.

The love for Plovdiv…

Last but not least, the brand treasures the love of Tsvety and Michail for the beautiful hometown of Plovdiv, where they both long to return, no matter where they may travel to. (hyperlink Wikipedia). Plovdiv is the home they choose for their brand and are proud to say that Pironetic is 100% hosted in the heart of Bulgaria in the Thracian region, crosspoint for a number of civilizations with an abundance of cultural and ancient heritage.