Be Brave

Dear Friends,

I take the greatest pleasure in introducing our Pironetic Be Brave debut collection and I would like to walk you through some of our most colourful art strokes in designing and creating our first activewear and lifestyle women’s collection. It has been a long road from sketches, colours, fabrics and details to this very moment for our team but now we are really launching something we are extremely proud of. It was like putting a hundred per cent of our hearts and adding a personal touch to get us to a result inspired and designed in the magic and charm of our ancient colourful and romantic town of Plovdiv. What I really love about this first collection is that the Pironetic set of leggings, bras, tops and tee-shirts really takes you beyond the sports and fitness style and is all about your modern wardrobe and active lifestyle, inspiring you and motivating you to feel the joy of sports and action throughout the way.

Pironetic was inspired from my own drive to get up in the morning and jump into the most comfortable clothes for the whole day, in all my roles as a woman – a mother, a wife, a tennis player and anything else that just makes me be myself. I always look for the balance in life, sports and in everything I do and its balance that I am after for in my wardrobe and personal, healthy, free and active style in life. It was the greatest pleasure and challenge to bring in the feeling for harmony into the design and creative process, elaborating a fusion of pure lines and organic shapes, technical fabrics, inspiring colour palettes and hand-made print patterns matching the purity of the finest cotton. Our activewear clothes came out to be a story of modern classics but with our personalized signature for the deepest artistic designer touch in all our dedication to the smallest detail.

Our first Pironetic collection story comes in two major lines – Colour and Monochrome. The double side lays the foundation for a style that it is designed both to meet the gym and workout sessions in parallel with an active lifestyle that values movement and freedom. You can wear our items from city to gym, together with jeans, shorts and anything that makes you feel comfortable, happy and free for a stroll by the seaside or in the park. The Monochrome line meets the classic opposition of black and white, while the Colour line brings into action my favourite gentle and feminine shades of mint, peach, and rose powder that stand for absolute perfection. Mint and peach are also colours that reflect harmony and freshness, they contrast to match every skin type and highlight the smallest details of our designs, shapes and cuts.


There are also some personal strands I have added to the new Pironetic collection. Each item name reflects a touching memory, a favourite place, a treasured scent or happiest moment across different times in my life. The Sydney Pocket Top is dedicated to my special moment in Australia where I won my first WTA title, the Centre Court series brings back the fabulous and captivating atmosphere at Wimbledon, while the rose powder colour line is dedicated to my dearest childhood memories wrapped in the unforgettable spring scent of fresh peonies in my mother’s beautiful garden.

The Monochrome line is marked by the artistic signature of our bold and creative design team. The hand-made be-spoke print pattern was our way of expressing our logo in an original and brave art-fashion way. Brave and bold this is what our team represents when it comes to our approach to design and this is exactly what we want to call for addressing modern women. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, go for it, be brave, because it is often just a tiny bit of courage that keeps you away from the big step to what you really want to be.

Welcome to the world of Pironetic active and lifestyle clothing, designed in Plovdiv and made with all our love. I hope our collection brings you a lot of joy and inspiration for a fantastic sports and lifestyle experience!

Bе brave!


Tsvetana Pironkova