Terms and conditions

The following Terms and Conditions shall conduct the relations between Seller and Users (Clients) who are using the online store – www. pironetic.com for purchasing of products. By using the website, including actions such as clicking on object, picture or link (different of those in the present Terms and Conditions) or button, located on the website www.pironetic.com it shall be deemed that the User has read and accepted the present Terms and Conditions and has given his/her explicit consent for concluding of a distant Agreement for purchasing goods. The present Terms and Conditions comply with the requirements set by the Consumer Protection Act, as well as with the other legislative acts pursuant the Bulgarian legislation.

The present Terms and Conditions can be modified and updated unilaterally by the Seller GOTAWEAR LTD on the website www.pironetic.com at any time. These changes take effect immediately and are mandatory for each User. For each change of the present Terms and Conditions, GOTAWAER LTD will inform the users of www.pironetic.com by publishing the changes on the website www.pironetic.com.


Seller” means “GOTAWEAR“ LTD, UIC 204065241, a company incorporated in Bulgaria, which company operates the website of www.pironetic.com – online platform for purchasing of goods. The Seller is the entity party to the Distant Purchase agreement with the Users of the online platform for purchasing of goods form the online store.

“User” means a natural person having full capacity, who has accepted the present Terms and Conditions.

“Online Store” means the website – www. pironetic.com, which is used as online platform for offering/purchase of goods and concluding agreement between the Seller and the User for purchasing goods.

“Goods / Products” means any product available for sale on the website www. pironetic.com subject to the distance agreement for purchasing of goods.

“Order” means any request of the User to the online store for purchase of one or more particular goods (commodities). The order shall be packed and sent by courier to preliminarily defined by the User address.

“Purchase Agreement” (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) shall be deemed the distance agreement for purchasing of goods concluded between the Seller and the User by purchasing from the online store – www. pironetic.com.

“Courier” mean a merchant (supplier) that shall deliver the purchased goods to address defined by the User. The Courier shall carry out its business activity in accordance with the Post Services Act.

“Booklet/Notification” is online informational message regarding the goods in the online store for a particular time period.



1.1. The following may purchase goods from the online store: natural persons in full capacity, who had reached the age of 18 or entities, duly incorporated pursuant to the applicable legislation.

1.2. The persons wishing to place an order shall fill the order form. The order form requests information as follows: first name and family name of the User, full address for contact and delivery, email and telephone number for natural persons and for companies – name of the company, identification number of the company, address for contact and delivery, email and telephone number for contact. By completing the order form and providing explicit consent by the User upon the respective forms for giving consent available at the website www.pironetic.com (when giving explicit consent is necessary), the User explicitly agrees its personal data to be collected/ stored and transferred by the Seller in accordance with the legislative requirements. Personal Data Privacy Policy is available at the website of the Seller where each user of the website www.pironetic.com is able to get familiar with it.

1.3. Once filling of the order form is completed by the User, an Agreement for purchase of goods through the online store between the User and the Seller shall be deemed concluded under the conditions set out in the present Terms and Conditions. For every purchase made by the User upon filling the order form the present Terms and Conditions shall be applicable.

1.4. The Seller shall allow the use of the online store only if the data provided by the User under item 1.2 above is valid and genuine.

1.5. As a result of the order form filled in and applied by the User, a User’s account is created by the Seller with a username corresponding to the e-mail address specified in the order form.

1.6. The User account contains the data listed in the order form. In the event of any change in the data provided, the User should immediately update the data upon filling in the respective order form available online on www.pironetic.com. The User is not allowed to delete the data referred to in item 1.2 or to give false or incomplete information while using the services provided by the Seller. For each account a separate e-mail address must be set.

1.7. The User can have more than one account but they cannot be used for activities that violate the present Terms and Conditions.


2.1. The use and browsing of the online store www.pironetic.com is completely free and accessible from all parts of the world.

2.2. Registration is not required to purchase from the online store www. pironetic.com. The User simply has to place an order that is completely free. After successfully placed order, the User gets the opportunity to benefit from all the services of the store by using the created account.

2.3. The specified price, the main characteristics of the product and additional information aimed to help the User make an informed choice when buying a product are provided on www. pironetic.com for each item.

2.4. All the prices on the site are BGN levs including VAT and all other taxes when the purchased goods will be delivered on the territory of Bulgaria. These prices do not include the fees under item 5.5 below, as well as delivery costs pursuant to item 6.5 of the present Terms and Conditions. They are borne separately by the User.


3.1. In order to purchase products from the online store, the User shall fill the required data on Seller’s website.

3.2. The data provided by the User upon User’s order are being used for the delivery of the purchased goods. By making an order, the User gives his/her explicit consent to the Seller to contact the User in every possible way when such contact is required in connection with the order.

3.3. Upon successful purchase, the User receives an order confirmation via e-mail. The confirmation email includes information regarding the unique order number, date on which the order was made, the purchased goods and their price.

3.4. If the ordered product (the specific model) is not available, the Seller shall notify the User via e-mail. In case the User does not agree the ordered product to be replaced with another product (a similar model), the order may be cancelled.

3.5. Orders from the online store www.pironetic.com are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but are being processed within 48 hours of receipt, only on the official working days in the Republic of Bulgaria.

3.6. Orders, made via an account that contains inaccurate or incomplete data pursuant to the present Terms and Conditions, are considered void. If possible, the Seller sends an email to notify about the inaccurate or incomplete data.

3.7. Before the products are handed over to a Courier, the User shall be able to cancel the order within 14 days as of the order, without mentioning any justifications for the cancelation. If the goods already handed over to the Courier, then the rules in Section 7 apply.

3.8. Cancelation of orders can be made via email sent to the specified on www.pironetic.com email address: [email protected] or through another explicit application, unless the ordered goods have not been delivered to a Courier for sending to the User at the time of the cancelation. For valid cancelation in the cancelation email the User must provide the Seller with the following information: the unique order number, the names and the email address provided upon making the order, as well as the price of the order.


4.1. Delivery is made only for validly ordered goods.

4.2. The Seller is entitled to refuse to execute the order made by the User, for which the Seller shall notify the User. The cancellation of the order does not involve any liability or obligation of any of the parties except for the obligations under item 7.3 below provided that the product has already been paid by the User.

4.3. The terms and conditions and the delivery charges are determined by the Courier. The terms and conditions and the delivery charges are available on the Courier webpage, which can be accessed through its active (link) name in the text below each product.

4.4. The charges for the delivery of the ordered goods are not included in the specified price for the product. The cost of delivery is determined by type of product and place of delivery according to the tariffs of the Courier.

4.5. With each order made, the User gives his/her express consent to pay the total order value, including the cost of delivery under the terms and the tariff of the Currier.

4.6. The dispatch of ordered products takes place from Monday to Friday excluding the days of official and national holidays in the Republic of Bulgaria.

4.7. Upon sending the ordered products, the User receives a confirmation email with a link to the Courier delivery system and a bill of lading number for sending the ordered goods, through which, by using the Courier’s site and system the User can track the movement of the ordered products until their arrival as well as the total cost of delivery.

4.8. The delivery is made to the address specified by the User in the order form.

4.9. Each shipment is insured where insurance is paid by the User and it is included in the delivery price.

4.10. If the User does not provide access and conditions needed for delivery of the products at the specified address within the period of delivery, the Seller shall be relieved from the obligation to perform the delivery under the Agreement and the present Terms and Conditions. In this case the delivery and return costs of the Courier are at the account of the User.

  2. The ownership of the products shall be transferred with their handing over to the User, after successful payment by the latter. The successful delivery of the goods shall be certified by the signature of the User on the document for delivery provided by the Courier.

6.1. Payment of ordered goods can be carried out in the manner described in item 6.1.1 and item 6.1.2 below.

The possible ways of payment are as follows:

6.1.1. With the “cash on delivery” – payment in cash to the courier upon delivery within the territory of Republic of Bulgaria, Romania and Greece.

6.1.2. Through PayPal – for delivery abroad

6.2.The price of each item can be changed at any time. For each ordered product the User has to pay the price specified at the online store at the time of order.

6.3. The delivery of ordered products is not included in the price specified at the online store and is to be paid separately in the amount determined by the Courier according to its terms and tariffs and according to the weight of the ordered goods as well.

6.4. Costs related to duties, taxes and other fees in connection with ordered goods that shall be delivered outside the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria shall be paid by the User under the applicable law of the State in the territory of which the product is to be delivered. The aforementioned costs are not due by the Seller in any case.

6.5. Upon payments through PayPal the Seller does not bear any responsibility for any additional costs associated with fees, commissions or other additional payments made by the User or his/her bank in connection with the transaction itself or exchange taxes applied by the bank in cases where the currency of the bank transfer is different from BGN. Costs associated with such payments are to be borne only by the User.

6.6. Invoices are issued only in the name of the user who placed the order.


7.1. The User has the right of cancelation within 14 days of receipt of products, where the User may use a standard form provided on the website for exercising the right of cancelation, which the User has also received along with the goods.

7.2. Upon cancelation the User is obliged to return the products purchased in undisturbed integrity and quality with preserved packaging and label and the cost of returning the products are borne by the User.

7.3. Upon cancelation, if the User has paid the products, the Seller shall reimburse the amount to a bank account specified by the User within 14 /fourteen/ days after the return of the products. No refunds shall be made until the Seller receives the returned products or until the User provides the Seller with evidence that the products are dispatched back.

7.4. The User agrees the reimbursement of the paid amounts to be made by bank to the bank account appointed by the User. This reimbursement will not involve any additional costs for the User except for eventual costs under item 6.5 above. The costs associated with the transfer of the amount on the bank account specified by the User, are for the account of the Seller. Courier costs associated with the return of goods are for the account of the User.

7.5. The right of cancelation cannot be exercised for the delivery of sealed goods which were unsealed after delivery and are not suitable for return due to hygiene reasons or health protection.

7.6. In case of discrepancy between of the received and the ordered products, the User is entitled to bring a claim, asking the Seller to send products in accordance with the order made. In bringing a claim the User must apply documents on which the claim is based (e.g. receipt, etc.). That discrepancy can be:

  • manufacturing defects of the product;
  • shortages of parts of the product;
  • a different product sent other than ordered;
  • inconformity with the ordered size and / or colour

7.7. The claim under item 7.6 shall be brought within two years as of delivery of the products, but not later than two months from the detection of non-compliance with the agreed.The claim under item 7.6 may be brought before GOTAWEAR LTD via the following e-mail address: [email protected]om, while the User must return the products within a week.

7.8. The User can select replacement of the defect product, replacement of a product for another size or another colour or can choose to return the goods for refund instead. The Seller can offer a replacement product, a completely different item where the User agrees to cover the difference, if the new product is more expensive; offer a few items for the amount paid by the User; or the User shall be refunded the difference between the new and the replaced item if the price of the new product is lower than the amount paid by the User. The User cannot claim for rescission of the Agreement if the non-conformity of the ordered goods with the Agreement is negligible.

7.9. The return of the products under in cases excluding manufacturing defect is carried out under the following conditions:

  • Keep good presentation of the product (product is not torn, scratched, worn, washed, ironed).
  • There is no damage caused by misuse.
  • Original packaging and label kept.

7.10. The return of the products can be made in the manner and at the address specified in the Form of return which the User has received with the products.

7.11. The transport costs are borne by the User in both directions, unless the replacement is due to fault of the Seller.


8.1. All information, including photos, presentations and descriptions of the products, published on the website www.pironetic.com, is property of GOTAWEAR LTD.

8.2. Copying texts from www.pironetic.com and publishing them on other websites and/or other online stores without the explicit written consent of GOTAWEAR LTD, without citing the source and/or without placing a link to www.pironetic.com is forbidden.


9.1. The Seller is liable for any shortcomings of the products, non-performance of the Agreement, as well as any refunds due to Sellers fault.

9.2. The Seller is not liable in case the goods are not delivered, are delayed and / or damaged during delivery by Courier.

9.3. Seller is not responsible for any damage incurred by the User and cause by third parties that, without being authorized, acted as representatives on behalf of GOTAWEAR LTD.

9.4 Seller is not responsible for any damage incurred by the User or third party as a result of force majeure or that are beyond the control of the Seller.

9.5. In all other cases the Seller’s liability is limited to the value of ordered and paid goods.

9.6. The User shall inform GOTAWEAR LTD in the presence of any frauds pursuant to item 9.3, by using available forms of contact


10.1. Upon conclusion of Purchase Agreement the Seller is entitled to process personal data provided by the User upon making the User’s order, as needed for performance of the Purchase Agreement, unless an explicit request for User’s consent for personal data processing is available on the website of the Seller.

10.2. The activity of the Seller is in compliance with the requirements under Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), where the relevant information with regard to personal data protection is available on the website of the Seller www.pironetic.com.

  2. Each User can contact GOTAWEAR LTD to ask questions, make suggestions and receive information. The contact can be made via the email addresses specified on the website and/or via the contact form provided in section “Contacts”.